Aviate launched in early 2023. Flavouring Mishaps & Building towards Relaunch in Q3-Q4 2023.

Due to the taste of the product not being what we envisioned it to be (A mild protein taste profile).  We quickly withdrew our product from all retail stores and online sales, despite some customers enjoying it.

We're aiming to build a brand that distribute products that over 99% of our customers would love. And we have failed to achieve this on our first launch.

To our previous online customers who participated in our first launch, you will receive a FREE replacement in our launch later in the year with a taste of what our product is supposed to be like - A high protein sparkling drink that tastes just like a delicious & refreshing soda.

The Sale (VIC Only)

As for our initial launch discounted products, we have about 120 cases of each flavour of Lemon & Orange (each case has 24 cans), which will be on sale for a heavily discounted price (up to 80% off or $0.4/Can).

This deal is only available to residents in Victoria due to heavy shipping fees of bulk cartons interstate. Additionally, there will be a free shipping option for customers who purchase 10 or more cases.

Lemon is on the cheaper side as orange is better flavourwise.

Best before date is 12 June 2024.